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Each time you place a bet on a red or black colour, you might think that you have a 50/50 chance of winning or losing. Forex Trading and Gambling are similar because you need money to start. You need capital to execute your first trade or to place your first bet and the reason why I have compared Forex as the world’s biggest casino is that the money that fluctuates in both industries is enormous. Both industries handle a large amount of money every day and even though the amount that is being handled in the casinos cannot compare to the number in Forex Trading, it still is a significant number. Furthermore, by assessing your risk/reward ratio on a probability weighted scale, you can optimize your trading business and have a much better chance of success.


Second, the trading plan must be implemented with a high degree of discipline. Third, the trader will total up their winners and losers to obtain a net profit or loss. In this way, they endeavor to approach their trading activities as a business.

What are the Differences between Gambling and Forex Trading?

For more information on day trading addiction please read “The Ultimate Guide To Day Trading Addiction And Recovery” as well as Family Addiction Specialist’s “Cryptocurrency, Day Trading, and Gambling Recovery” service page. Day traders are more sensitive and emotionally attached to their losses than they are to their gains, even when they are of the same value. This results in “loss aversion” where they will endlessly invest time and money to win back losses, also known as chasing a loss.

There is also the possible “black swan event” in the world of currency trading that has its equivalent in the gambling world. In the financial world, a “black swan event” is a major headline that crosses the wires, sending the market into a very volatile reaction. For example, you could get a headline that one country is threatening military action against another. That will send the currency markets into a wild ride quite often. It not only affected the currency markets, but it also affected the crude oil market as one would expect.

It will also be very important to find other outlets of pleasure such as by re-engaging in social or leisure activities that were pleasurable in your past or engaging in a new hobby. This will also help reduce feelings of boredom and loneliness that can often trigger a relapse. Be mindful to remove triggers such as blocking social media content related to trading and staying away from financial related media on television, radio and print. Also, find mechanisms of self-care such as by focusing on your nutrition, exercise, hygiene, sleep and relaxation through sources such as reading or meditating. With the rise of online trading houses and mobile trading apps, day trading is easier and more accessible than ever before. Many people mistakenly think that trading belongs to the category of gambling.

Is Forex Just Gambling?

Then, to understand how the market is changing, learn new strategies and refine your techniques. Investors bet on different currencies and rely on the volatile nature of foreign exchanges. In the forex market, the outcome is always a variable; it does not run parallel to a simple win-or-lose outcome.

When we don’t know how the works, we end up gambling. Most traders lose their money because of their low knowledge and skills. Besides, George Soros had $10 billion to wager against the currency policy of the Bank of England back in 1992 and that only got him $1.2 billion in profits.

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I’ve never seen any gambler working on strategies or trading plans. Neither there is any fundamental or technical analysis involved. A trader requires a definite degree of skill, knowledge and experience to execute profitable trades that could lead to consistent profit generation. Gambling, on the other hand, involves a large degree of luck. While there certainly are some similarities, Forex trading differs from gambling in the following ways.

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Is Forex trading a gambling activity, or is it a legitimate investing option? When people start trading Forex, their goal is to get as many payouts from their trades as possible and turn initial deposits into a massive account balance. While this is a perfectly reasonable, it can easilylead to greed.

Although trades aren’t rewarded 100% of the time, there isn’t a negative consequence 100% of the time either. This is something known as “partial reinforcement,” resulting in traders returning to the marketplace even after a string of losses. If you don’t have a plan, strategy, or systematic approach to the market and rely only on luck, the outcome will always be a loss.

Why is Forex trading more than gambling?

Nevertheless, you want to avoid being too subjective about assessing the probability of different outcomes. Obviously, these aren’t the only strategies that help traders dial the odds in their favor. Besides, even they won’t be able to offer the exact point where the price will go next – they are useful as much as they make speculation a bit more accurate.

  • The forex market is open 24 hours a day, five days a week, so there are opportunities to trade anytime.
  • With the proper skills and technical know-how, any trader can turn a profit when trading forex.
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  • We introduce people to the world of trading currencies, both fiat and crypto, through our non-drowsy educational content and tools.
  • Alternatively, the investor could take a bigger risk by repeating the strategy for a prolonged period.
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You must realize that your limit is at the emotional level. Losing control of your behaviors will surely make you lose money in Forex. The trading plan in place should be implemented in a disciplined manner.

Trade the same size for a month

If currency trading is done with reason, it becomes a speculative investment activity worthy of appreciation. The trader makes these speculations after having acquired specific skills in this regard. The martingale approach is profitable only in short-term plays; small profits often induce players with emotional confidence to play a bigger hand. But, eventually, players who keep playing for long periods lose enormous amounts of money.

For starters, if you are a proficient currency trader you will have a system for trading that has a positive expectancy over the long run. As a serious trader, you should have back tested your trading system, you’ll know the ins and outs and you’ll understand that there may be times when you lose money consistently, but over time you should come out ahead. When it comes to gambling, there is much less science and more chance, so your results over time may not be as consistent. It is true that a very high percentage of traders end up losing, and if you ask me why this is, I will tell you it is because they trade blindly and with no strategy. Before you trade a penny, you need to make some serious decisions about your trading goals and limits.


On the other hand, we have Forex trading, where there is no “house” against which a trader must act. Here, traders have to compete with other traders, as well as themselves, and make decisions in a way that they have better chances of getting a payout. In other words, a trader can act as a house in gambling by turning the odds in their favor. What differentiates Forex and gambling is that traders aren’t passive participants of the process where they’re intentionally put in a worse position by the market. By using various strategies and tools, traders have the ability to turn the odds to their advantage and get ahead of the market, and grow trading balance. One of the most important characteristics of blackjack, as well as any other casino game, is that no matter how professional a player is, the house will always win in the long run.


That goes both ways, either when you are in a trade or out of the market. Unfortunately for many cryptocurrency enthusiasts who have endured losses, the impact will be felt far beyond financial loss as it may result in various relationship issues, mental health challenges, and ultimately suicide. In either case, there are many lifestyle changes that will need to take place, and in some cases professional help may be required. People who have been speculating for a long time know this.

top 10 books on forex trading psychology is just for fun and entertainment but forex trading is a type of business. It requires knowledge about the forex market, its working, lots of planning, patience, and discipline to succeed. In a similar vein, many traders who represent trading companies are actively trying to convert people into customers, promising a quick profit. A quick scoop through Quora will convince youthat Forex is indeed profitable, and not really gambling.

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