Panama Wedding Traditions

Panama has a lot to provide for anyone who wishes to get married. The offers many beautiful spots and cultures, plus a wide selection of outdoor activities to have.

A dowry is an important tradition in dating panama women Panama, and it’s not abnormal for brides to be to receive some form of gifts from their potential husband’s family. This is certainly anything from furniture, equipment, clothes, or money. It has also common to have an engagement ring exchange and make promises to each other.

The groom offers his woman 13 numismatic coins during the marriage ceremony, which is called “las arras. ” These coins are a symbol of best of luck and symbolize the groom’s commitment to his wife. They are also thought to represent the twelve disciples of Jesus Christ, who were credited with spreading Christianity throughout the earth.

Some other traditional element of a Panama wedding is the chopping of the wedding cake. Traditionally, the groom and bride cut their slices of the wedding cake together. This kind of tradition originated from Spain, and it’s actually practiced today.

The reception is a fun time to celebrate the couple’s new lifestyle together. The party often includes dance to live music and a delicious meal.

Having a tornaboda the day after the wedding is normally great way to stay celebrating with your friends and family. This is a compact gathering that takes place exact same location when the wedding, which means your guests can easily continue the special event in a more romantic way.

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