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Publish or update applications on ApkDepartment with immaterial necessities and no expenses. Update existing applications when your application is resuscitated with new parts. To confine the work for engineers we follow a relative collaboration as google play store. If nobody truly minds, utilize a similar screen gets or pack name you use to move your applications on google play store. Then again, you can in like way present your play store URL and we can pull your application beginning there. All application sections are genuinely watched out for by our social occasion. We don’t have any screwed-up or changed tasks. All applications submitted should be accessible to no end on different stages too. Besides, generously don’t submit paid applications. By presenting an application, you consent to circle your applications free on apkdepartment and its helper stages. Apkdepartment recognizes no responsibility w.r.t to the substance and applications worked with on its foundation. You could present your application’s URL on Google play store utilizing the development under or send us the fields recorded in the table under this

email address: [email protected]


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