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Do you love to play minecraft, but are you tired of ordinary survival and even hardcore? Want a completely new gameplay and feel? Then the apocalypse map is there for you!

We bring to your attention the Zombie apocalypse in minecraft, which includes a mod and a map made in the style of the post-apocalypse. The main actions of the apocalypse in minecraft take place around a huge building, which is almost completely destroyed and is a hangout for monsters, terrible monsters, vampires, stuffed animals, ghosts, creepers, lilac-headed, zombie, siren head, skeletons, slendermen, magma cubes, herobrin and heaps of others all evil spirits!

There is anything you like: an intricate and complex plot, incredibly epic and completely new gameplay, dialogues with NPCs, side quests, pumping, new weapons and ores, maximum detail of the environment and an extremely high level of development. Minecraft zombie apocalypse in the city is completely built on maximum survival and the interaction of players with each other and the map. Yes, you can play Minecraft PE on this map with your friends. Or, on some thematic server. It will be just awesome!

The plot of the zombie survival mod for minecraft is based on the fact that a certain professor Isaac Burkalbek created a terrible virus that devoured the entire city into a bunch of dead people and monsters. Why? He was simply not paid a salary at work and he offended everyone, remade his old development for a virus … But no one expected that the creator of the virus would be hooked on his own creations. But you will learn about this already in the plot of the map itself.

On the apocalypse map, you will find a lot of zombies, terrible monsters, monsters, hypercreepers, herobrin, assassin, Vikings, lilac-headed, Egyptian pikemen, ghosts, revived stuffed animals, vampires and a bunch of other creatures that you will have to defeat in order to pass the test. And the most important thing is to survive!
Also in mods for minecraft there are: an abandoned sneaker factory, an old medical center for residents, cursed portals to hell, a slender man, weapons from Doom, allies, neutral NPCs, siren head, additional activities on the map and much more.
At the beginning of the game, you find yourself in the camp of the survivors, and it turns out that last night you were found unconscious in the forest among the crowd of ghosts and vampires. But with all this, you were completely unharmed, which cannot be said about your companions. Alas, each of them did not survive … Before your main character has time to recover properly, a lot of zombies attacked the camp, and only you and three other people managed to escape (at this moment you can call your friends to play the role of partners of your real friends, or take a computer in their place). Now your goal is to find out what actually happened in this damn city and how herobrine is connected to this …
Also, the Zombie Apocalypse map in minecraft comes with such mods as: mod for herobrin, addon for hypercreepers, texture pack “Mom, I’m scared”, mod for zombies in minecraft
And you can also install it yourself, for example, a zombie survival mod for minecraft, the DesnoGuns addon, weapons from half life 3 and a slenderman mod. This will make your playthrough even better and more atmospheric!

This is an unofficial application for Minecraft Pocket Edition. This application is not affiliated in any way with Mojang AB. The Minecraft Name, the Minecraft Brand and the Minecraft Assets are all property of Mojang AB or their respectful owner. All rights reserved. In accordance with

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